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NF Journal | Why Carbon Removal from the atmosphere is a priority?

It is widely recognized that the concentrations of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere, and are the cause of human-made global warming.

Dr. Carlos J. Perez
Dr. Carlos J. Perez

CO2 is responsible for >70% of the increased radiation, that is why it is urgent to increase actions to reduce emissions (i.e., avoid the use of fossil fuel for energy/transportation, and stop deforestation, among other practical measures). However, despite any action to reduce or avoid emissions, CO2 remains in the atmosphere for several decades or centuries, and that is why Carbon Removal or CO2 removal from the atmosphere is highly relevant.

Several practical measures are now being put in place and reforestation of degraded land through forest landscape restoration, agroforestry, increasing Soil Organic Carbon, and increase of coastal mangrove ecosystems, among other practices, is urgent. All these practices, also called nature-based solutions, capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store the Carbon molecules in the tree or plant structures (leaves, branches, trunks, roots, litter), and release Oxygen into the atmosphere. This miracle process is called photosynthesis, carried out by plants and trees.

The Gold Standard Certified Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program in Nicaragua removes carbon directly from the atmosphere through the execution of its reforestation program. The program is also certified by Forestry Stewardship Council, ensuring the hits sustainability standard in the management of the program.

The reforestation program contributes to generating permanent and temporary jobs and supports the education of primary school children and college-level students through internships. The leaders of the reforestation program are in the process of scaling up through alliances and attraction of additional investors to increase the Carbon Removal efforts.

If you are reading this note, you can also contribute by acquiring Verified Emission Reduction certificates through: The Gold Standard platform or through our affiliate Across Nature

Dr. Carlos J. Perez


Looking for high-impact carbon credits? Check out the Nicaforest high-impact reforestation project and learn more about how mitigating emissions can achieve an impact beyond carbon.

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