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Our forests and their impact beyond the environment

Nicaforest is committed to fostering a positive impact on the environment through the segments of reforestation, and carbon sequestration, in addition to watershed management and the protection of natural forests. Environmental consciousness is on the rise, and as the consequences of climate change become more prevalent the importance of fostering a positive impact on our environment is greater than ever before. 


The scope of our environmental impact platform

Our environmental impact platform is broken down into four segments, which together aim to promote sustainable land use and foster the health of the surrounding ecosystem. 


Reforestation & Land Restoration

Maintaining and restoring our forests is an integral part of improving the health of the ecosystem as a whole.  Nicaforest has planted close to 300,000 trees during the initial phase of the project, resulting in an increase in local biomass and an inherent positive impact on the environment. In order to maximize our impact, we select our plantation sites using the clean development mechanism, meaning we only plant on land deforested since at least 1989.  Nicaforest is proud to foster the development of a sustainable value chain around the forest, in addition to the positive impact on the local biomass and environment.


Protected areas

Protecting the local ecosystem is an integral part of sustainable land use and the management of protected areas is one of the key segments of Nicaforest’s environmental impact.  Nicaforest currently manages 364 hectares of land within the Chontales region in Nicaragua, of which 99 hectares are designated as protected areas. These protected areas are integral to the health of the surrounding ecosystem, our plantations, and the community.  Nicaforest is committed to fostering the health of these protected areas for the benefit of our climate, community, and environment. 

Watershed Management 

Watershed management is one of the key considerations for any reforestation project as well as an important factor for development in a community. Nicaforest places emphasis on the importance of watershed management within our plantations, in addition to fostering watershed development in the surrounding community.  Our impact in this segment includes initiatives such as delaying the construction of roads within the plantation until they become absolutely necessary, as well as avoiding planting next to bodies of water. Through initiatives such as these, Nicaforest reasserts its commitment to fostering sustainable watershed management, in addition to drastically reducing the erosion commonly resulting from plantation activities. 


Carbon Sequestration

Global emissions are on the rise, and voluntary offsetting is set to play a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change. Our teak forests serve as a natural form of carbon storage, resulting in an inherent positive impact on climate through carbon sequestration. This enables us to issue and sell carbon credits, which are then used to fund our social impact platform that aims to tie carbon sequestration with a positive impact that extends beyond a benefit to the climate.


Environmental Impact that creates value

Through reforesting degraded land and protecting local forests, we foster the health of the surrounding ecosystem in addition to the integrity of local watersheds.  Our forests then serve as natural carbon storage which enables the sale of carbon credits, providing our social impact platform with funding for its initiatives. In turn, by increasing the local biomass through reforestation and protecting the existing ecosystem, we are able to leverage our environmental impact to add value to the local community. Nicaforest is proud to achieve a positive impact on our climate, community, and environment.


We support UNs Sustainable Development Goals

The UNs Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 Global Goals designed to serve as a blueprint for how to achieve sustainable development for all. Our social impact platform focuses on four key impact segments: Education, Economic Well-Being, Watershed, and Food Security; which together foster 6 of the 17 UN SDGs. Through designing our impact initiatives around furthering these SDGs, Nicaforest has been able to add value to the surrounding community, in addition to fostering a positive impact on climate & environment. 

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