Santa Elena farm


227,000 trees planted

Santa Elena is a large cattle farm, covering approx. 640 acres (260 hectares), and part of two different land areas owned by the Tijerino family in the municipality of Villa Sandino.

The family has long traditions in cattle ranging. However, they acknowledge the importance of reforestation as part of their cattle ranging strategy.


The Nicaforest reforestation program became a welcoming option and the agreement was signed in January 2012.

The plantable area is approx. 470 acres (190 hectares), of which 245 acres (100 hectares) were planted in 2012 and 225 acres (90 hectares) the following year.

To date, this is the largest planted area in the Nicaforest portfolio with the engagement of more than 60 people in the planting season. The area is planted with approx. 150,000 certified trees, of which 50% are clones and 50% are grown from seeds.