Emission of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) per capita in United Kingdom is  7,5 MT* (2018). As a UK-citizen you can neutralize your carbon footprint for a year by choosing this item. 

8 credits will be retired from GS 4220 upon delivery.

If you want to include family members, friends or others, please go to "Personal Offsetting by Choice" and order the number of credits you prefer.

*source: Eurostat

UK Citizen - carbon neutral 1 year average

  • The Nicaforest Reforestation Program is registered in the Gold Standard Registry with reg.no GS4220. Carbon credits are reitired from the project upon delivery. 

  • The Norwegian entity, Across Nature AS, reg.no. NO923370447, is the responsible manager of sales of Carbon Credits from the Nicaforest Reforestation Program. Across Nature AS is registered in Gold Standard with the ID no. 1068382. 

Across Forest AS/Across Nature AS, Storgt. 85,

9008 Tromsø, Norway.  

phone: +47 913 35 558  

e-mail; post@across.no

Nicaforest Plantations S.a, Santo Tomas, Chontales, Nicaragua.  

phone: +505 8995-2125

e-mail; cjperez60@gmail.com or  jhr@nicaforest.com