The Operational team

The operational team, working out of the office in Santo Tomas is taking care of the day-to-day business of managing the Nicaforest Reforestation program. A small, but dedicated team with extensive know-how in silvicultural management, sustainable forestry and environmental- and social impact which affects the program every day.

From left to right:

Hazell Garcia (internal services), Jose Alejandro Cuarezma (junior forestry tecnichian), Jimmy H. Robles (Operational Manager), 

Boanerges Reyes Gonzalez (Forestry controller/monitorer), Kennedy N. Salachs (accountant/finance).

Across Forest AS, Storgt. 85,

9008 Tromsø, Norway.  

phone: +47 913 35 558  


Nicaforest Plantations S.a, Santo Tomas, Chontales, Nicaragua.  

phone: +505 8995-2125

e-mail; or