A Gold Standard Certified Carbon project
Responsible forestry certified by Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)

Offset your carbon emissions

with sustainable reforestation

The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Pilot Program is situated in the south-eastern part of Nicaragua. The program combines reforestation on degraded land for timber production, capture of carbon dioxide and protection of natural forests.

For many years, Nicaragua has been losing much of its forest cover, and this trend remains negative (2019). The importance of creating a sustainable forestry value-chain is evident. The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program, which is still in its pilot phase with 1211 acres (490 hectares) of land under management, aims to contribute to this by working closely with local landowners in a Shared Benefit Scheme to plant teak and other valuable species for future timber production, added-value wood production, sales of carbon credits as well as other measures aiming to achieve increased resilience in the local municipalities.

In addition to the reforestation of deforested land, the program protects the remaining patches of native vegetation and creates additional conservation areas on the banks of rivers and other watersheds. The forests offer a natural habitat for native animals and plants, protect and enrich the soil, save and filter water and contribute to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect.

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